Section dedicated to the experimentation with the collage.

Revelaciones de sangre collection.

Revelaciones de la sangre
(Revelations of the Blood) consists of a collection of digital collages that deal mainly with death understood not as an antagonist of life, but as a dark reflection parallel to our existence where the vital fluid is used as a common nexus. Throughout the centuries the contemplation, delight and veneration of both the horrific and the sanguinary has been present in ancestral cultures, as evidenced by the libations and sacrifices of Classical Antiquity, to our time with its inherent commercialization.

Art plays a central role in our atavistic connection to horror through aestheticization and mediation. Artistic practice can also reveal that which is generally prevalent in our unconscious by making it conscious and serving as a "controller" and "exhibitor" of our greatest enigmas and fears.

Through the use of elements, which a priori may seem disparate, I have tried to offer a new framework of correlations. If we delve deeper into the meanings they hold, we can see that over the centuries they have contained a similar symbolic meaning. Revelations of blood has helped to show me what I ignored, but it does not go beyond being a recreation of a vast unknown terrain of which I still have much to explore.