Tiempo inánime (Inanimate Time) was my final work of the Master in Contemporary Art that I did at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra. It consists of a series of 6 digital photographs taken in the autopsy room of the Conxo Hospital in Santiago de Compostela. These photographs are accompanied by a sound piece that evokes the vanity of our desires and wishes.

The intolerance that prevails in our attitude towards death causes it to become the main taboo in our society, replacing sex. The moment of death is no longer the exclusive property of oneself, as it used to be in the past; it has gone from being something solemn to a purely technical phenomenon due to the gradual decrease in the care of the dying person prescribed by the health care team that attends him or her when the probabilities of cure vanish. Medicine no longer teaches us how to die, it transforms death into a total otherness.